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    Full Screen + Auto Advance + Fit Visible = fail (please help)


      I was trying to set up my computer screen to auto advance when in full screen mode + fit Visible, and it only shows the first half of the pages.

      The document is standard shaped, it would print normally on regular 11*8 paper if I had a need to print it, was created with acrobat and has no protections.


      I will explain the exact steps I took.

      went to full screen mode (CTRL+L)

      Set the zoom to "Fit Visible" (so that all the space on the screen is coverd by the useful part of the document I am viewing) (CTRL+3)


      I want it to automatically scroll down to the part I havent read every 30 seconds, I tried to set this up by doing this

      went to the preferences dialogue (CTRL+K)

      Went to the "full screen" Item on the left pane

      In the right pane of the preferences dialogue, I selected the radio button "advance every X seconds" and set the time to 30 seconds


      It almost works exactly as expected, except it seems to go to the beginning of the next page every 30 seconds, instead of scrolling down to the part I haven't read yet (the bottom 1/3 of the page)


      I suspect this has something to do with the "page display" settings in the preferences dialogue, It seems like the "single page continuous" page layout option would solve this, but it does not.


      If you need more information let me know and I'll respond as soon as I can.


      Thanks in advance!