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    Where is the file? (Re-connecting multiple files quickly)

    BedtymeBear Level 2

      I was working on several projects in Premiere Elements 7 about 2 weeks ago.

      I went on vacation, so I had my friend come over to water my plants while I was gone.

      Somehow, she managed to totally bork my computer while she was over here. It wouldn't even boot.

      I was able to salvage the hard drive, which was good because I hadn't yet backed up my project files.


      After getting some new hardware (partly courtesy of my destructive friend) and getting everything back up and running, I ran into a problem when I wanted to resume working on my projects:

      I opened my projects and got the "Where is the file?" dialog for each different piece of media in the project. Premiere Elements was looking to the C: drive for all of my source media, but that drive is now a secondary drive listed as the D: drive (and previously I had my projects and media on C:).


      I don't know if the program is supposed to be intelligent at locating offline media, but it didn't really seem to be.

      I had most of my audio files in one folder, but after re-connecting one of them, the next one (stored in the same folder) was not automatically re-connected. Similar story for my videos and pictures, and it was taking way too long to re-connect all of those files. (I had something in the neighborhood of 300 source files in each project.)


      So, I put together a little command line utility, which I call the File Path Updater, to do the re-connecting for me.


      I'm basically putting up this post so that I can share the FPU with you all.


      I know this won't be a widely-used tool, but hopefully it'll save some of you that have run into similar issues before a bit of time.

      I've tested it with projects created by Premiere Elements versions 4 and 7, and with a few Premiere Pro CS3 projects, and didn't run into any real issues.


      Please let me know if you have any comments on the FPU, if you run into any problems with it, or if you have any suggestions for how to make it better.