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    Automatically start buffering, but don't play until button is manually clicked?


      Hi Everyone.  Thanks in advance for your time.


      I'm trying to accomplish two things:


      1)  Have an swf file automatically start buffering as soon as the webpage loads, without it also auto-playing the video.

      2)  Implimenting a 'youtube' style play button which will manually start the playback (regardless of how much of the video has been buffered).


      Could anyone point me in the right direction?  Any code snippets, links, tutorials, etc would be very much appreciated.




      P.S.  I'm using CS4 if that matters.  I have a pretty solid html/photoshop/video background, but flash is almost entirely new to me.

      P.P.S.  I'd like this to be compatible with older versions of the flash player as well, if at all possible.