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    Adobe CS4 System Requirements: CPU




      I have a 17" Sony Vaio (VGN-AR770) computer:


      Storage:   400GB (200GB x 2 @ 7200RPM) SATA Hard Disk Drive *
      System Memory:   4 GB DDR-SDRAM (DDR2-667, 2 GBx2)
      Operating System:   Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate
      CPU:   Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T9300 (2.5GHZ)


      *  Available Capacity = 246GB


      I purchased this computer in 2008 with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 installed.

      I also have a subscription to Macromedia MX2004 Studio.


      Now, I want to upsell to the Adobe CS4 Master Collection Suite.

      I also want to purchase a Sony HDR-XR520V AVCHD 240GB HDD camcorder.


      I construct websites (need Dreamweaver CS4 Suite) and I produce digital video projects (Premiere Pro CS4 Suite). 


      I am familiar with the Adobe CS4 System Requirement for the CPU, i.e. 3.4GHz for HDV and dual 2.8GHz for HD, but a salesman told me that my computer "should" be able to handle the new software and hardware.  However, they suggested that I join this discussion forum to get practical advice.




      1)  Is my computer going to be able to handle the Adobe CS4 Master Collection Suite?


      2)  Is there anything else I should know, with regards to Premiere Pro CS4 before I buy the Adobe CS4 Master Collection Suite and the Sony HDR-XR520V AVCHD 240GB HDD camcorder?







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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          1. Yes

          2. Yes. You will be disappointed with the sluggishness of editing AVCHD material on the PC.


          AVCHD requires a very 'beefy' machine to run effectively and your specs are mediocre at best for that format. The bottom line for comfortable editing such material is at least a quad core, but better yet an i7 or dual quad core Xeon's.


          I suggest you get the salesperson to copy some AVCHD material to a portable harddisk, buy the full version of CS4 (the trial does not support any form of MPEG, including AVCHD) and try it out. If not satisfied you can return CS4 within 30 days. The alternative workflow is first to convert the AVCHD material to something that is easier to edit or get a HDV camera or get a faster PC with more disks.


          Bottom line: Your PC is too slow for comfortable AVCHD editing.