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    Callers don't recognize each other at first in Video Phone


      I am new at Flex and Actionscript.


      I was able to load the sample to my server using the PHP / MySql script by Bob de Wit, and everything works for the most part.


      The problem I'm running into is this:


      User A calls user B.  The status box for caller A shows the correct ID, but caller B doesn't receive the call request (no "Accept / Reject" buttons).


      If caller B tries to call caller A, then it works (caller A receives the call request).  At this point, if caller A tries to call B gets the call request.


      It seems that caller B is not listening properly until caller B tries to connect to A.  (The same thing happens if caller B is the first to try to call).


      I also noticed that this happens with various versions others have put up on their websites.


      I'll keep looking through the code in the sample, but I'm hoping you can point me to the reason and a workaround.