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    raid 0 setup question

    JBrown321 Level 1

      I have recently built a new system with great help from a friend.  I have two WD Velociraptors set up as raid 0 and two hitachi 7200 rpm drives as a mirror for backing up my projects when I am done.  Is this setup going to give me the performance I need if my Velocirators are used as the scratch disk and for  the OS and programs together?  I have tested an avchd file and it plays back fine running from the raid 0 velociraptors and it also plays fine from one of the hitachi drives.  Is the raid 0 boosting my performance or should I have another raid setup aside from the OS and programs?  Thanks for any help.



      My specs below



      Intel core i7 920

      6 gigs of DDR 3 ram

      Asus P6 Deluxe V2

      Geforce 285

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          Kroycom Level 1

          You should put your raw (source) files on the RAID 0. Keep in mind that if one disc fails everything's gone, so have backups for everything.

          Have your OS on a separate drive. Another single (Veloci)Raptor will do fine.


          The bottleneck for AVCHD is usually the CPU, not so much the drives provided you're in the upper realms of drive specs (which you are). And your CPU is great so AVCHD shouldn't be too big of a problem.


          Harm Millaard has a sick and awesome drive setup, might be overkill for what you need but it's worth checking out. Prolly the nicest drive setup I've seen in a long time. Actually, read his whole post about proper storage setups, it's a must-read really


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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            I would set it up like this:


            C: Velociraptor for OS & programs

            D: Velociraptor for pagefile, projects and scratch

            E: Hitachi for media

            F: Hitachi for exports


            With only 4 disks I would not use raid, especially since using the onboard raid capabilities puts a relatively high burden on the CPU and when editing AVCHD, the CPU needs all the power it can get. In the future when you run out of disk space, or performance is an issue, you can consider an extra disk for media, possibly E: 2 x Hitachi in raid0 for media