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    Linking text to references


      I have a long document (350+ pages) with multiple sections, each of which has a list of references at the end. The text of each section is sprinkled throughout with bracketed item (e.g., [III.1], [III.2], [III.3], etc.) which correspond to the labels for each item in the list of references (e.g., III.1 Classified Hiring Manual, III.2 Faculty Hiring Manual, III.3 District Form P-38, and on and on).


      We're supposed to generate a pdf in which the reader can click on, for example, [III.1] (wherever it occurs) and get transported to the corresponding descriptive III.1 item in the reference list. ("Oh, it's the Classified Hiring Manual."). Has anyone created a script that would automate the task of creating links between the bracketed items in text and the corresponding expanded items in the list of references? (The bracketed items can occur multiple times in the narrative text, but each item in the list of references is unique.) As a newbie to scripting, I'd be much relieved not to have to do it up from scratch.


      Any advice?