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    Cannot read borrowed content on Sony PRS-700



      I hope someone can help me.  I have a Sony PRS-700, which I used after I got it around Christmas, to read borrowed content from my library's online collection for about a month, at which point everything worked fine.  Having been away from a PC for the last few months, I didn't use my e-reading device until this Tuesday, when I downloaded the latest version of Digital Editions, downloaded multiple books from my library and began reading them without problem.  I have, since Tuesday, connected the PRS-700 to Digital Editions 1.7 and added and deleted borrowed content.  However, just a few hours ago, when trying to add new books to the device, they didn't load properly--no day counter, and the "protected page" notice when trying to open them.  This happened not only for the books I had just put on there, but even for books that did have the day counter and which I had previously read on the device.  I deleted all the books from the PRS-700, then re-loaded them through DE, which did nothing.  I then deauthorized and reauthorized my Sony in DE, after having deleted the books, and then I reloaded them, and it still did nothing.  I then deleted the books from my DE, and redownloaded one of them from my library's website, added it to the PRS-700...and still, the same problem persists.  It is as if I am adding the files manually, like on a Mac, where the information to allow me to read protected content is missing.  But I can't see what the difference between using the PRS-700 and DE today and yesterday is!  Should I totally delete DE and re-download it?  Is there something in 1.71 that I'm forgetting to do?


      Thanks for any advice!