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    Task Search in Group Queue




      I am trying to provide search facility to the users using the search templates. The task are assigned to a group "Reviewers". All of the reviewers can see  the task in the group queue that appears left to the to-do list.


      I have created a search templates and its work fine with the tasks in the To- Do list. but it is not working for the group. Do i have to do some settings in the workflow, task ACL etc?




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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          In workspace, you can only search on thing you’ve initiated or participated in.


          If the item is in a group queue you don’t own it yet, therefore you can’t search on it.



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            waqas.rehman Level 1

            Hi Jasmin,


            Thanks for your reply. What is the use of search templates? only searching tasks in the To-Do list or in tracking list.


            Is there a workaround to this problem? By Task sharing ? Customizing task ACL?


            I want to allow users to seach the task that are in the group queue. I was checking the ACL in the User Action. if i am assigning any user to it then he can search the task.


            I am thinking to create some custom component that will allow users in that group to have access to the task using APIs. Can you please help me on this because this is very a critical requirement from our client.




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              Dhanesh S Level 1



              Is there a way that we can group the task in todo list using a Process variable

              When a user logs in . workspace should show him logically arranged todo list. Is this possible ?

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                chalukya Level 2

                Hi All,


                Did anyone find a answer for this question.

                I have the same requirement, to search tasks in Group Queue.


                Any solution please suggest.


                Thanks and Regards-


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                  Robert Haché Level 2

                  To Chalukya:

                  Which question are you asking about?  There are two questions in this topic.

                  1) Searching in group queues.  (Can't be done)

                  2) Grouping tasks in the To Do list using Process Variables?  (This is not possible in ES but is possible in ES3).


                  For question 2, in Workspace ES, process variables are only displayed to the user when the user selects a specific process from the process dropdown list in the left hand side of the To Do page.  When a user selects a specific process then the process variable can be displayed and the user can then sor on that column.