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    AE dynamic link error in PP cs4

    nolegolferpimp Level 1

      I'm getting skipping frames in the dynamic linked portions of my project when I render in PP CS4. When this happens in AE CS4 I just go to the secret menu and make it purge the memory after 15 frames and this solves the issue. I have purged the memory in the AE project, and I have it set to purge every 10 frames. The only plugin I'm using is keylight on one clip and AE motion blur on another. I have 6gb of RAM, and I'm on a core i7,  vista x64 system. Anyone know a fix for this issue? I've set PP CS4 to optimize rendering for memory, instead of performance, and also done the above in AE, and I have set 1 large disk cache in AE, and deleted all render preview files in both programs and this still doesnt fix this issue. This is really pissing me off. If its not one thing screwing up, its something else.