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    F4V and CS4 and CS3

    scott mackenzie Level 1



      Does anyone know if there is a way of exporting to F4V from CS3?


      The reason is - I have CS4 - but my computer must be too slow to run it.


      I have a CS3 timeline but need to export to web highest quality poss and lowest bandwidth acceptable.


      Also, when I do upgrade computer- do CS3 project open in CS4?


      Many thanks




      PS just bought Magic Bullet Looks - It's REALLY good!

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Any particular reason you need the F4V container? Because the video contained with an F4V is encoded with H.264... and H.264 can be packaged in an MP4 file... and an H.264 MP4 will play back with using Flash Player in a properly-configured SWF player. While it's supposed to allow for embedding of cue points, F4V apparently has some bugs/limitations that prevent that. Plus, F4V is a proprietary thing that doesn't really fill a need that MP4 doesn't already have covered.


          For the most part, CS3 files should open just fine in CS4. There is a conversion for the way pixel aspect ratios are calculated, but other than that, I haven't had any issues moving projects forward. Conventional wisdom will tell you to complete your CS3 projects first in CS3 before moving to CS4, but in the real world, that doesn't always work.

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            prateek jitendra Level 1

            hi scott,


            There is no way you can create F4V from Premiere CS3 because this format was introduced in CS4 itself. To create F4V, you will have upgrade to CS4 itself. Also when you upgrade to CS4, it should not have any problem in openning CS3 projects.




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              scott mackenzie Level 1

              Hi Guys,


              I wanted to use F4V (mp4) h264 files because they are supposed to be really great for delivery to the net.


              I have hdv footage that I want to put on the net at the highest quality possible.


              I have tried h264 quicktime in cs3 and all I seem to get is


              a. files seem to come out stretched


              b. incredibly washed out - nothing like the original


              I have thought of exporting from cs3 timeline to uncompressed avi then into adobe media encoder cs4 then to f4v. that might work but, i thought you were on supposed to encode once etc?


              Anyone exported really hdv high quality files to the net from cs3 timeline and got fantastic results? Can you point me to the videos so I can check them out please~?