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    Custom 404 page

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      I have created a custom 404 page called 404.cfm. I am usingCF8 on IIS6. In IIS 6 I specified this custom 404 page as a File. When a user types a wrong address in IE, I can see my custom 404 page. But when I type the wrong address in Firefox, nothing happens. In Firefox I do not see my custom error page.


      If I had setup page incorrectly, then I shouldn’t have been able to see the custom 404 page in IE. Why Firefox is not displaying my custom page? Note that my custom page is a cfm not .htm or .html.


      Any idea as what is happening here.




      Joe Green

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          GrumpyJoe Level 1

          When your page fires, it sends back a 404 header to the browser, and then the browser interprets that accordingly.  Firefox has a few built-in error pages that it can use instead of the 404 from the server.


          If you go to about:config in your browser, click the button and search for 'browser.xul.error_pages.enabled' - set that to false (not tried it here, just a

          guess).  Does that make it go away and show your custom page?


          UPDATE:  Scratch that - didn't work.  I'm sure there is a setting that makes firefox override the 404 error page system, I jsut can't seem to find it - try a google.

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            GreenGoneMad Level 1

            Still searching for Firefox setting. In the mean time I saved my custome 404.cfm page as 404.htm and it works in FF and IE. For some reason FF doesn't show .cfm page.