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    RoboHelp8 HTML: Importing FM9-Dokument causes FM9 starting and closing all the time




      I use RoboHelp very seldom. Last time a year ago for a try to make context sensitve HTML-Help for our application. It was RoboHelp7 than and it worked.


      Now I just used the freshly installed RoboHelp8 to import a FrameMaker9 document.

      Clicking through the first two dialogs (without any inputs) and press finalize at the end strange things happens.

      FrameMaker9 starts and closes immediately, and so on.

      This would be forever I think if I didn't kill RoboHelp.


      I rebooted already and so on. Still the same.


      System: Windows XP SP3

      Software: TCS 2

      RoboHelp8: 8 00 203

      FM9: 9.0p237


      Do you have quick suggestion I could try?