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    flash player is slowing my computer dramaticly


      While I'm on some site and there's a flash add on the side i start typing really slow, i scroll really slow , even those msgs with yellow background you get when you stand on pictures ? the wont disappear, until i scroll down so you cant see the ad and then it all goes back to normal. the more adds there are using flash the slower my computer gets. to solve it i press on the ad and change the quality to low, but lately this is really annoying me and i cant work like this. it did'nt use to be that way, in the past i always worked with the best quality with no problem, now if i even try to play a game with flash it moves in slow motion... please help me out guys im really desperate....



      one more this ive jsut noticed, while im typing and theres a flash application runnig such as an ad or a game or something, and i try to type, my typing curser (the blinking line) instead of blinking every 1 sec starts having an epileptic seizure.... it just starts blinking very rapidliy without a certain reathem... it couldhave been funny if it wasnt so sad, every time i scroll down to the advert it blinks wierd, every time i scroll up so the ad isnt shown it blinks just right.