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    Flex 3.0 and QTP 9.2


      Hello folks,

      Below is the my test environement for QTP flex automation
      1. QTP 9.2,
      2. Flex 3 builder
      3. Flash player1 0
      4. IE 6.0  WinXP -Service Pack 3
      5. QTP plugin

      I complied my flex objects with the automation libraries and followed the steps as given in ( http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flex/3/releasenotes_flex3_fb.html. ) and ceated a HTML wrapper file for my main SWF file.

      Issue and observation

      I used http://localhost:8555/myproject/flex/RunTimeLoading.html?automationswfurl=myproject.swf and my login page is displayed.when i click on submit button it is throughing an error.


      ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property loginResultHandler not found on runtimeloading and there is no default value.
          at mxml.custom_components::login/submitForm()
          at mxml.custom_components::login/__loginBtn_click()


      Please help me out of this issue.....appreciate your help at the earliest

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          Uday Thombre

          The following things you may need to verify:

          1. Are there any Result and/or Error Handlers specified as the default handlers in your SWF file's source code (prior to compilation)
          2. Has the Result and/or Error Handlers specified in (the compiled) SWF code been made public and accessible through HTML Wrapper
          3. Has HTML Wrapper provided some default handling of the data been passed by the Result and/or Error Handlers while at runtime.
          4. Has QTP Script called the correct functions out of the HTML Wrapper.
          5. Also verify if you have done all the following configurations correctly:
            • Deploying Flex files
            • Before you can test the Flex application, you must deploy the application and its supporting files to a location that is accessible by QTP. These files include:
              • Application SWF file
              • HTML wrapper and wrapper files (the wrapper files can include SWF files, JavaScript
                files, and other files)
              • RSL SWC files
              • Module SWF files
              • Helper files such as theme SWC files, style SWF files, and image, video, and sound files.
            • You may deploy the Flex application and HTML wrapper file to any location on your HTTP server. You must be able to access this location from QTP.
          6. Is the HTML Wrapper "password protected" (if so you need to use QTP Authentication Mechanism to access it).


          What appears from the error you have received, the "Login Submit" function call went successful through QTP via the HTML Wrapper although the failure occured on the SWF level. Even in this case it would be better to reverify your code at all the levels (i.e. QTP, HTM Wrapper, SWF file source code & SWF file compiled version).


          Hope this resolves your issue...