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    HD camera compatible with Premiere Pro CS3?

    Ayn Randian

      What is the cheapest high definition camera compatible with PPCS3? Or, best deal for the money without spending a fortune? If not a particular brand/model, what output formats can I look for and be sure of native compatibility? I also would prefer a camera that records to an internal hard drive and/or flash card.


      Thank you very, very much in advance!

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you do not have a fast pc avchd (HDD, flash) can be a pain in the .......  So the best choise then would be HDV. Any hdv camera will do.

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            Fighting Sticks Level 2

            Attention Ayn Randian,

            Getting camera advice from the user forum may prove a contentious issue.  I don't doubt you'll get the opinions of a couple of different users who have very differing views.  I'd suggest you call Adobe Tech Help or look for it in the 'Knowledgebase" where you can find a list of cameras Adobe 'supports' with CS3.  Go with what Adobe states it supports, not the regards of users on this forum.  Take for example the other post listed here.  HDV is definitely a good choice when looking into camera options.  However not just 'Any hdv camera will do', and any user that infers otherwise is not assisting you.  Going out and buying even a good hdv camera may leave you with a unit that isn't supported by Adobe and hence useless.  As previously indicated Adobe supply's a list of compatible cameras, use it.  Otherwise I suggest you do not purchase a camera unless you know for sure whether it will work with Adobe CS3.