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    Quicktime File Export to FLV using old MX Encoder not Version 8?


      Hi there, I have had a new PC built by our IT team at work. It's had all the software installed from my old PC reinstalled on the new pc.

      The problem is when I go into Quicktime (Pro) and do File, Export, Export Movie to FLV then choose 'Options' I see the old MX2004 video exporter tools, instead of the newer Flash 8 Pro exporter??

      Any ideas how I force Quicktime to use the newer version of the exporter?

      I can't ask my IT dept as they're clueless and they don't offer support to 'non standard issue' software, hence I'm having to ask here.

      I don't have admin rights to make changes myself so the exact procedure must be passed to my IT dept to make the changes for me.


      I was going to suggest just removing MX2004 (both video exporter and programme itself then reinstalling Flash 8 again in the hope Quicktime uses the newer version). Would it matter that the Flash 8 is an upgrade to MX2004?

      Your thoughts or advice are appreciated.