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    Scaling a flash only on it's width

    Venian Level 2

      hi there.


      I am having a header in flash lets say of 900x600. And i was asked to scale it only horizontaly. I know and i have used scaling the movieclip on all sides. But in this case they only want me to scale it horizontally and don't make the elements in it loose proportion.


      So if the website scales so will have the flash to scale increasing it's width so i can add more elements in flash, dinamically to left and right.


      Can this be attained or even if needed in AS3?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can't both scale an object horizontally and maintain its aspect ratio without scaliing vertically.

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            SvingXD Level 1

            Either correct your request or accept that what you a asking for is contradicting itself, you cannot scale on only one dimension and maintain the proportions, by keeping the aspect ratio it means when you scale it horizontally it will also scale vertically in the same proportions, if you want to just scale horizontally disable aspect ratio and then you can scale it only horizontally, but if you want to keep the proportions then keep the aspect ratio and then it will keep the lengths in proportion and just make it bigger or smaller.