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    SWF conversion in images sequency (JPGs, GIF, MNG...)




      I have some SWF files to convert in MNG animation or images sequencies.

      (my developped software does not support SWF files. Alas!).


      To do that, I am looking for a reliable tool allowing either:

      - to convert SWF in MNG,

      - or to extract sequencies of pictures (PNGs, JPGs...), in order to build a MNG file after this step (thanks another soft).


      The SWF durations are 4s-8s, at 12fps.

      They are composed by just a frame (which is containing some images which are moving in loop; no interactive content).



      I tried to export an animation file with Adobe Flash CS4 with a SWF file, or a FLA file : it has not been successful.

      I tried some tools which seems working by 'screenshots' of the SWF frame : I have some results, but not very good.


      I do not have the Flash project which has been used to create SWF, but I can ask to my SWF provider some additionnal files which could be useful for my need (he is not an expert).

      So, I do not have any solutions for that (Adobe tool? Another?).


      Thanks for you help.