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    How do you edit PDF files.


      I want to take a page or two from one pdf (searchable) file and paste it into another. Is  there anyone out there that knows how to do something like this? Email me at freeskeddy@yahoo.com. Thanks for your time.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It can't be done with Adobe Reader.


          You wil need Acrobat. If you have that you can use Document>Extract Pages> and then Document>Insert pages of click and drag pages from one PDF to the other.

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            elaierii Level 1

            I thought acrobat is adobe. Anyways I have the reader and the flash program but when I go to sites that offer for free the ability to edit PDFs then they aren't free and want to charge. Can you help me there. What is the Adobe (Acrobat) program I am needing.

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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You are thinking of two different programs.


              Adobe is a company not a specific application. They make many applications.


              What you have is called Adobe Reader. It is made for viewing and printing PDF's. Adobe Acrobat is for creating the PDF's and some minor editing along with other features not available in the free Reader. Adobe Acrobat costs money, Reader does not.

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                You need a PDF editor to do this. Adobe Acrobat is powerful enough but if you don't have this expensive program, you can try this PDF editor.


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                  There are some professional software like Adobe Acrobat can edit PDFs but their prices are high and operating are a little complicated. When you need to extract pages from one pdf file to paste them into another, The split and merge function of a simple editor may be the preference for you. By the way. Why not use a converter to convert pdf to word for easier editing? After converting, you can edit whatever you want to modify. Meanwhile, the cost is pretty low. Adreamsoft PDF to Word converter is a competent tool.

                  Sincerely hope what I say can relly do some favor to you.