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    blackmagic extreme hd - hdmi output


      First off a little bit of info on my situation.


      I 'm using Premiere CS4.0.1 as recommended by blackmagic. It's a triple display setup, using 2 real displays.

      So 2 dvi outputs on the geforce 9800gt and 1 hdmi from the blackmagic card.

      Now I d like to it to use the hdmi output from the decklink card as a fullscreen monitor.


      If I change the display settings in Premiere to use the 3rd display, being the decklink, it crashes after pressing OK.

      If I chose the second display from the nvidia card, it does work as a fullscreen monitor.


      The sequence is DV PAL, now I 've read that you have to use a blackmagic codec- sequence to use the decklinks output. But there 's no such option in the new sequence settings dialog. I can on the other hand, export the sequence using a blackmagic MJPEG codec. So I imagine that the codecs are present.


      So if anyone could post a clear description of all the recommended settings for what I 'm trying to do, it would be very helpfull. Going from the decklinks settings to those of Premiere itself.

      Mind you, in after effects cs4 i can simply use the decklinks hdmi output as a fullscreen preview...


      If anyone has had, or is having a similar problem maybe share it here.


      Many Thanks

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          joshtownsend Level 2


          Mind you, in after effects cs4 i can simply use the decklinks hdmi output as a fullscreen preview...



          When you do this in AE, does the footage have to be a Blackmagic Codec?


          I can't help you with Premiere and Blackmagic though. I think it's still messed up, I can't get mine to work with Pr CS4 even with the new BM Update.

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            Averdahl Level 4

            To get any output one must follow some simple rules:


            1. You must always use a Blackmagic Design preset when you create a new Sequence. You will never ever get any out put from any other Timeline.
            2. You must always make sure that the Decklink or Intensity settings in Windows Control Panel is correct. Ie, playing back a HD Timeline out to a SD monitor will never work unless you tell the card to downscale the video signal
            3. To get any output from the Source, go to Edit > Preferences > Media and change it from Adobe Player to Blackmagic Design. If you still get no video from the source, go to #2 in this list.
            4. If the audio dont sync with the video, go to Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware and make sure that Blackmagic Design handles it, and dont forget to hook up the audio cables from the card to your speakers. If you dont do this you will get no audio at all.
            5. Go to Edit > Preferences > Audio Output Mapping and make sure that Blackmagic Design handles this as well.


            Everytime you dont follow this=no video output and/or video and audio is out of sync.


            Still in trouble? Contact Blackmagic Help Desk at www.decklink.com/support/contact



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              avalon_studio Level 1

              Hmm new BM driver? i use the 7.something, the latest one in fact. As described in adobe's readme and help, all drivers are the latest.

              That 's something I find quite odd in fact. Most other software tend to stick to older, compatible drivers.



              For AFX just change the video output settings in the preferences and at least for me it shows a preview of your compo. No matter the codec, which is just used in the end anyways.


              Another point maybe, since after effects has indeed some videosettings that can be changed in the preferences.

              Why isn't there anything like that in Premiere, I can chose the blackmagic card for the audio. Can't click the asio settings button though, at least nothing happens.

              And it plays the audio, over the hdmi cable, but no video...

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                avalon_studio Level 1

                Hey Roger,


                Thank you for the clear response.


                I think the big issue in my case is, point 3. I've come across that in the preferences, and wondered what it was. Thing is, I can 't chose anything but the adobe player...

                Also, what are considered the blackmagic design presets, because I think I can not chose anything like that. (point1)


                Point 2, It's a full HD samsung monitor (HDMI). But can it play SD video on a HD screen? Or do I have to make it upscale manually, which really would be a nuissance to change it everytime you change project.


                For 4 and 5, I 'm safe. Those settings, he did accept...


                Any thoughts on why I can't choose for the BM card in the prefs?

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                  Averdahl Level 4

                  - If PC, un-install and re-install the drivers.

                  - If Mac, Blackmagic Design has no drivers for Pr CS4 yet, and that explains why you dont find any Presets or can change the Media settings.


                  Yes, you can play back SD on your Samsung monitor. I dont know if it upscales good or bad compared to the Decklink card.



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                    avalon_studio Level 1

                    Quite right,


                    Reinstalling the drivers did the trick. Now I can chose for blackmagic input and also in the sequence settings!


                    Thank you for helping me out.