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    HD burning without HD writer


      Hi all,


      I have a Panasonic Sd20, if i record in full HD can i still burn this to a DVD and retain HD quality?  I thought that if the file size was within the 4.7gb i would be able to burn to a dvd and retain HD quality?


      I will be playing the dics back on a PS3, is there a way to retain HD quality without burning to a Blu Ray disc?  I have Premier Elements 7, but when i burn to DVD it reduces the quality to DVD I.E you loose HD.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry. You can't get HD quality on a DVD, which is standard video. (Well, you can -- but you'll still need to play to record it as if it were a BluRay disc and play it on a BluRay player.)


          You CAN, however, get very good quality. It's a bit more challenging with these AVCHD camcorders than with HDV camcorders, but it is possible.


          There are a number of ways to do it. The simplest is to import your video into a Premiere Elements project set to AVCHD specs. Output a DV-AVI from that -- then open a new Premiere Elements project (one set up as a standard DV project). Load that DV-AVI into it and output your DVD from there.


          I would not recommend trying to burn a standard DVD directly from those AVCHD files. There are quality issues -- and it will take quite a while for the program to proces it all. The best solutions involve your converting your hi-def files to standard video.

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            Paul_LS Level 4

            You need to burn an AVCHD high definition disc to standard DVD. Unfortunately PE7 can not do this. However you can edit in PE7 and export using the H.264 high definition preset and use this to burn an AVCHD disc in Corel DVD Moviefactory 6.5 plus. The file will be smart-rendered in Moviefactory so you wont lose any quality. You can add menus etc...