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    download update , access to internet


      Hi guys , I am right now in a big problem, I need to solve this problem because If not I can´t continue with the project , I can´t find a solution , please anyone help me to figure out what is the best solution.


      I have a project that has 3 .swf  for example in the appDirectory , my first problem with this was , these files can´t be overriden so , this force me to put those files to appStorageDirectory , ok so now I have 3 swf in that folder and my main swf in appDirectory , my main swf loads the others but now I have another problem those files loaded can´t access to internet I get the popup saying me to change configuration ... which makes me think this will occurs when a client opens the program? :S , so what I wanna do is this:


      I have an application that has an amount of swf , they can connect to the internet and they are going to be updated , overriden, so I don´t know exactly where to put these files becase in one place there is a problem if I move them appears the other problem , could you please help me figure out what would be the best solution , in which folder I can put those files and they can have acces to the internet withpout wanings and can be overriden , thanks in adavanced.