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    Blocky video


      I have been using Premiere Elements 4 for a while now, but as I start to try and do more (i.e. - capturing old VHS tapes for archiving on DVD) I keep running into the same problem.


      Some, NOT ALL, clips that I put on the timeline turn "blocky."  Frequently, they start out on the timeline just fine, but after some edits, the whole clip goes blocky on me.  Looking at a still frame, it looks fine, but when played, the blocks show up.


      I am capturing the video using a Hauppage PVR on a different computer than the one I edit on.  It seems to happen no matter the resolution I record the tapes at.


      What could be causing this, and how can I avoid or correct it?


      I edit on Dell XPS420, running Vista.  Thanks in advance for any advice.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That device is probably not the best for capturing VHS video because it does not capture your video as DV-AVI files.


          The FAQs at the right of this forum explain more and make recommendations.



          When non-DV-AVI files are loaded into Premiere Elements, the program must assimilate them on the fly -- indicated by a red line along the top of your timeline. The longer your project and the more of these files you add, the more stress it puts on your system. And the more likely you'll see lower quality previews of your video.


          You can alleviate some of this by hard rendering the files as you work. Press the Enter key and the red lines will turn green.


          But you'll be much more ahead of the game -- and much less likely to run into unpredictable problems later in the process -- if you use the right file format as your source as in the first place. The ADS Pyro AV Link, as recommended in our FAQs, produces files that require no rendering at all and flow very efficiently through the program.