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    Odd 'shifting' problem




      Thanks ahead for any answers.  I've been coming across this weird issue while creating a website menu:


      Sometimes, when I preview/export my SWF, some of my objects (text, graphics) will shift a few pixels on mouse over/mouse out - but when I look through all my frames in the timeline (and watch closely), there is no such shift.  Has anyone else experienced this?   Sometimes it will only do it when looking at the SWF locally, with flash player, but when viewing in a browser, it goes away.  Of course, this is only sometimes - it has showed up in the browser as well.  I've tried saving first, restarting flash, force refreshing the browser, etc, etc...it seems quite erratic.


      What's going on?  (hopefully it's something really obvious)



      Thanks again!!




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          icurays1 Level 1

          Here's an example of what I'm talking about.  When you roll over the first item ('faculty gur group'), watch the box as it fades in.  It shifts right after it's done.


          Hopefully it will do it for everyone so I dont look crazy

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            Rothrock Level 5

            I see it and usually I would say that in your tween you have slightly bumped something or some value that has changed from the start to the end of the tween. But you say you have checked all that?


            How are you doing this? Code? Timeline tween?


            Things to look for that you might not already have checked. Is the textfield set to autosize? Is the textfield on integer pixel numbers?