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    Confused by Adobe Elements Sceneline


      Hi All


      Need some help here, I have video shot on Sony HDR UX7 which outputs an M2ts file. it's in AVCHD 1080i format and 5.1 sound. I'm trying to create a movie that will be output at 720 x480 HD.  I have statrted a new project  and picked NTSC -HDV-HDV720-30 as the type of project. I have used these files before and successfully made a smaller version of the movie and output it and converted it to a flash movie.


      See here   http://www.canadapixs.com/media/720video/720video.html


      Now I find working with the M2Ts files a bit flakey, should I have problem editing from these files, I have taken all these files and batch converted them to mpeg2 files. But as I am dragging them to the sceneline, I drag them to the "Next Scene Here" box, but they seem to stack on top of the first scene, why is this happening, I then cannot change or delete any scenes. Also I am trying to add the Music score to the bottom of the window, this seems to be a problem too.


      Please help me in trying to figure this out, What is the best way to create an HD movie for publication on the web?. Am I missing something here.


      PS, I'm new to Video and Premere Elements, but a fairly compentent computer user.


      Cheers Mike H