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    Collaboration Server Software?

    ThisIsJustMe Level 1

      As a solution provider company, using a multi-user environment, collaboration is of course important. Allowing 'users' to see and text/chat with eachother is fundimental in a 3D environment.

      Using Director 11.5 for the first time to create a 3D web-based environment, having control/ownership of the collaborative server software, so it can be deployed with the environment, and or, allowing your userbase use of your own collaborative server, I am confused how this is implimented in Director 11.5.

      Our direction is to use a XMPP deployable server access to our userbase, or our own inhouse C based collaborative software. This controls 'Instances' of the environment to control the amount of users in an environment, and text/chat collaboration within each Instance, amongst other forms of functionality.


      My question is... can we use our own collaborative server software, that meets the api's of Director for interactivity between instances of the environments, and control of those environments, for say password/username entry into those instances? Or are we bound to use only a bespoke collaboration system provided by Adobe/Director?