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    With CF local server (developer version) can I open a m3u file?



      I hope someone can help with a problem I am having.  I developed a music player and playlist creator to manage my mp3 files.

      It works great on my machine that has IIS installed and a full version of CF MX7.  I develop the playlist via CF and when I click the link to open the

      m3u file it opens WinAmp and plays the list.

      However, my home machine has XP Home which does not have IIS so I run the developer version of CF MX7. 

      I can't get the same code to open the m3u playlist on my home machine....it just opens the file as text.   I did research the CF archives

      and added a virtual directory pointing to the mp3 files but no luck.  When I incorporate a link from my CF page to open the m3u file it just opens and shows the text rather than opening WinAMP or Win Media Player.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks Rob