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    Imported Equation Images from FM Very Poor


      I am relatively new to the Tech. Comm. Suite from Adobe and just started undertaking a large project that is supposed to single-source all of our documentation (manual, PDF, online) for our products. We' ve started porting our content in FM. At the same time we are experimenting w/ the best way to bring in the content to RH for HTML delivery. FM is v8 p277 and RH is v7.03.001.


      When we import (link) a book into RH all equations come in as jpeg pictures that seem to ALWAYS use Times Roman Italics for the font in the equations and the quality in the HTML delivery is extremely poor (practically unreadable). I noticed that when exporting the same documents from FM directly to HTML (using the SaveAs... htm format) the equation images are exported as gif files that are not as good as what PDF or FM delivers but at they are markedly better than the jpegs. Therefore, my question is:
      a) Is there a way to instruct RH when importing FM content to use 'gif' as the prefered format for equation-conversion?

      b) Is there any other way to improve appearance of those images? Using different fonts (I tried using a dedicated char format in FM but even though it affects the FM / PDF presentation it does NOT seem to affect the jpeg exported to RH).


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.