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    Index auto-scroll jumps to second "A" entry


      I am using Robohelp 7.03 to create a WebHelp layout. I am using Explorer to view the help. In Project Settings, my index keywords are being added to an Index File (HHK).


      My index contains the following structure:



           Item 1

           Item 2



           Item X

           Item Y


      When a user opens the Webhelp's index and types an "A" in the keyword field, it auto-scrolls to the second A listing (in this case, "Administrator"), rather than the "Add" entry. This issue only seems to occur with the "A" index entries.


      I could add a single, numerical index entry so that this issue no longer occurs with the "A" entries, but I'd prefer not to add a bogus entry to get around a problem.


      Many thanks.