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    Photo borders in PE7


      Is there a way to create borders around still photos in PE7?  One of the old versions had a preset effect that would do this, but it is no longer available in later versions.


      Also, is there a better way to search this forum than pulling up results from every Adobe product?  I like the old version...or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I would guess that photoframes would be available in PSE. I also do not recall an Effect for this in PE. In PS (the full version) has several included Actions for just the creation of these. Since I do all such work in PS, I could easily have missed similar in PE.


          As for the Search, well don't get me started. No, it has been horribly crippled, IMO. It is a work in progress and changes are being made. Still, there is one little trick and also a positive addition. If you type in your criteria, you will see a list of "likely suspects" drop down below. However, this will be ALL of Adobe (as you mention), but there can be some gems in there. Next, do not follow any links unless you do find a gem. At that point, choose Show All and then click on More Options. From there, you can tailor your Search to a specific from a horrible drop-down, that includes every piece of software, that Adobe has ever released and in each separate language. Not easy, by you can scroll down and limit the Search to Premiere Elements. The one neat feature is that you can also search by People. This is useful if you recall who posted something. The biggest weakness is that it seems that only People, who have posted since the forum changeover are listed. One frequent poster to Encore, Ruud Blauw, has to be typed in, as his name is not on the currnet list and he probably had 5000 posts, prior to the changeover.


          The trouble with using Google, or Yahoo, Ask, etc., is that their finds will likely be articles with dead links. They will just go to the main Adobe forum page, and not to the article, though many still exist. Maybe one day, their 'bots will update to live links, but that will take time, if it ever happens.


          Sorry for sharing nothing but bad news,



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            katki Level 1

            Thanks for the response.  I guess I could create an action in PS to apply to all my stills that I use in videos, but it would be so much more efficient if there were a preset in PE7.  It must have been PE1 or 2 that had the border preset.  It was editable for color and size, but it did have some flaws such as flashing and jittering after being rendered.  I just wondered if there was an effect buried somewhere in PE7 that I couldn't find.


            Regarding the new search format, I don't understand why Adobe would try to fix something that wasn't broken.  Maybe I'm missing something that makes the new system better, but I can't find it....so far, I am totally frustrated with Adobe's new approach and hate to waste time filtering and scanning through every possible slightly related answer.