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    Doubt on RTMPFlexSession

    dam.C Level 1

      Hi All,
             In my application a separate DataDestination gets created when user logs in.


      I want(struggling) to destroy the destination associated with the particular user.


      For this I have created FlexSesioListner and as soon as DataDestination  gets created I immediately put it in FlexSession.


      FlexContext.getFlexSession().setAttribute("destID" desitID);


      SessionDestroy() method get called when user disconnect from app due to any reason


      The issue is SessionDestroy() ,flexsession.get( "destID") retuning null ???


      while debugigng i found that FlexContext.getFlexSession() returns HttpFlexSession ie  destID is getting stored in  HttpFlexSession 
      where as in  SessionDestroy(FLexSession session) session is of type
      RTMPFlexSession hence I am getting null here.


      my question is how to put data in RTMPFlexSession so that I can be made available in sesssionDestroy() method when RTMP client disconnect.


      Just want to destroy the DataDestination when user gets disconnected from RTMP channel based Flex App