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    Have to give up cineform

    film418 Level 1

      Unless I'm missing something, which is a distinct possibility, I'm going to have to give up using cineform in order to edit DVCpro HD and Red camera footage and have an independent program monitor. That is, unless I am willing to spend $2300 for an AJA 2k card.


      Cineform does not support output on the blackmagic cards. If I stop using cineform, I can install a Blackmagic Intensity Pro for a couple of hundred dollars and view my HD material. With the new redcode plugin coming, it looks like it will be possible to work with red footage in smaller resolutions and output later at full.


      Problem is, I have no need for the AJA cards ingest capabilities since I use a non tape workflow. Have not been able to configure two graphics cards to view HD out of Premiere either.


      If there is another solution, I have not found it.