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    Tagging a PDF w/ Metadata from another source.


      Hello everyone,


      While i am unclear if this particular question belongs in this forum but I am going to give it a shot.



      I am currently using Abode Professional 8.1.3 (assumed), and have CS3 installed upon my computer. The PDF's were produced using ESRI product - ArcMAP 9.3.


      I have hunderds of PDF's which i need to print out certain sets on regular basis. Instead of organizing them into individual folders i'd rather be able to print or locate the group of PDF's based on a Tag or maybe even a Metadata Key word.


      So here is the Situation/example, I have 300 PDF's which contain maps of all the communties within a County in the United States.


      • Each pdf is numbered and named to a specific standard MAPS_FIRM_106, 108, 109 etc...
      • I have a table which specifies which communties are acutally shown on each PDF. The table list part of the PDF name and contains the name of the towns (Town A, Town B, Town C)
      • If a map/pdf has Town A and Town B, this table list both.  If it just shows stuff in Town A, it would only mention that one.
      • Is there a way to embed a metadata keyword tag based on an excel table, database or something else?
      • Thus when i search the folder Metadata, I would know which PDFs contain each community and then select those PDF i want to print.


      Would this be possible or More complicated at this point? While we can probably fill out the data before we exported to PDF (We are using ESRI product - ArcMAP to produce maps), we haven't had the time to develop a program/script etc...


      If i've posted in the wrong forum could you make a suggestion as to which one would be the best place.