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    Sorenson Squeeze 5 questions


      Hi all


      My office owns a copy of Sorenson Squeeze 5 bought by an ex-employee for some reason so now I using it and trying to figure it out. I know this is the Adobe forum but it seems that the SOrenson forums gets basically no help so I know all of you are smart cookies.


      First, everything I create in After Effects is usually self-contained.....no imported video, just motion graphics. I am looking for the best way to export files from AE to Sorenson (which render/export settings and format(avi, Mov.)


      Second, in Sorenson I have no options to encode in Windows Media or Quicktime. I have Quicktime Pro and have the "use Legacy cedecs checked" I really need AVI files or Mov files out of Sorenson or its worthless to me. I assume I need a plug-in or a Codec but I can not figure it out and I have searched extensively. I usually create graphics in AE and then import to Premeire to add sound and lay everything out. Obviously this wont work as right now, I only can get MP4 out of Sorenson and no workie in Premeire.


      My ideal would be to get from AE to Sorenson, encode, import to Premiere, export final project to Sorenson for final render/burn.


      Any ideas or is this confusing as all heck??


      Any help is much appriciated and thanks in advance.