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    play/pause delay when viewing waveform, RGB Parade, etc.

    Kelvin Paull

      I have been experiencing some issues playing back clips inside Premiere Pro CS3.


      The clips are of analog footage captured from inside Premiere Pro CS3 using a firewire converter.


      When viewing the timeline in the program monitor and when the output is Composite Video, I get an immediate response when I hit the space bar to play and pause the clips.  However, when I select the YC Waveform and then press the spacebar to playback the timeline, then press the space bar again, there is about a 5 to 10 second delay before the clip stops.  In that 5-10 second time period, Premiere Pro is renderred usless.


      The situation is the same even if I play the clips back from a higher speed (200MB/s+) Raid array.


      The clips do not have any filters or effects on them.

      I'm using the NTSC standard 48khz project settings.


      Is this normal?


      I am running a quad core q6600 CPU.



      Thanks in advance