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    Wierd Pricing for Upgrades

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      Earlied this month I upgraded from Studio 8 to CS3 Web Standard - $399.
      Had I waited, I see I could upgrade from Studio 8 to CS4 Web Standard
      for the same price: $399.

      Because I upgraded to CS3 Web Standard, I see that it will cost me an
      additional $388 to upgrade for CS4 Web Standard. This makes no sense.

      Going from Studio 8 directly to CS4 - $399.
      Going from Studio 8 to CS3 to CS4 - $798.

      Am I reading this upgrade pricing correctly?

      Charles Newbury

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          > Well thats the way Adobe treats its customers...some win and some lose.
          > I agree with you, there should be a fair pricing system, based on
          > what past products you have purchased and finances you have injected
          > into their company.

          And it's why I've decided to ignore the upgrade this time. Last time we
          were told if you got two upgrades behind, you had to repurchase. This
          time that deal is off and you can go all the way back to MX2004 and
          upgrade for the same price I can upgrade when I bought CS3. Think
          I'll wait until Adobe starts lowballing the price again. SOME software
          companies even reward early adopters. Not Adobe.