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    lag playing and exporting video


      Hi, I have Premiere Pro CS4;my problem is that I make a short video (15 sec.; 640x480; MPEG-4) to learn how to use the application.


      Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlKFE9ntq1U


      My idea was to make a new video, erasing 3 sec. from the original, where my grandfather appears. Reading in this forum i learnt how to make this using trims; I create 2 subclips and I added them to the Program Monitor. No problems!!


      Export the media, Media Encoder open normally, select an output format: H.264 - Youtube preset, I want to use this because I will make short videos to companies and upload to Youtube. Export was fine.


      But when I play the new video in any media player (klite, windows media player, adobe media player), the movie is shake (lag or choppy).


      Look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92EFrDkK6Qk

      Errors at the seconds:



      For example: the video is playing and in a moment the video reverse 1 second in a snap and continue playing from that point, sometimes this problem occurs in a second, and the next second, and the next second.


      And this choppy/lag/shake doesn't occur in the set in/out points of trims, else in almost all the movie. The audio layout is perfect. The trouble is the video. I had exported in almost all the output formats. AVI, uncompressed avi, mpeg, ...


      Reviewing the problem, and playing the subclips inside Premiere, I see that the same problem occurs too.


      When I make a subclip, and play after (inside premiere), I see the problem inmediately. That's the real problem, How to make a good subclip without this problem?




      My computer hardware is:

      -windows xp sp3.

      -intel dual core processor @ 2.66 ghz.

      -ram 2 gb.

      -nvidia serie 8 with 256mb.

      -I had installed all the updates.




      P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.


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