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    .PREL Converter?

    Taifallos Level 1

      Hey everyone,

      Does anyone know how to convert .prel video into something playable on youtube. And please if you're going to recommnd software, let it be something free. I made a vid for my penpal and now that I've got it perfect, it won't upload to youtube. Gr.... Is there perhaps some function built in I am not aware of?


      Thanks so much, Cheers*

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          The .prel file is the project file from Premiere Elements, NOT a video file. You need to open your project (the .prel file) in Premiere Elements and go to Share. Here you have the option of uploading directly to YouTube or to export to a format that you can manually upload to YouTube.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The one thing to remember is that when you Open your .PREL file in PE, you will need to also have the original Assets available to it.


            As Paul_LS state, the .PREL file is but an XML database of links to media and other Assets, plus instructions on what you did with those files, when you edited. If it cannot find those links, it'll throw error messages to that effect. You can then go though and help PE locate those files. If you have not moved, or deleted them, and they appear exactly as and where PE last used them, it links up to them and away you go. Do just as Paul_LS suggests to Export/Share your finished edit.


            Good luck,