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    Video will not play in CS4


      I got CS4 a couple months ago and had it running on my desktop machine and everything worked perfectly including the video playback.  Then My motherboard died and I bought a new one along with a new video card and started using Windows 7.  Everything installed smoothly, all drivers are updated for hardware and now the video will not play back in either the source monitor nor the program monitor.  I've tried shutting off other processes and nothing has worked.  I even upgraded the Ram from 2gb to 4gb even though it worked fine with Windows XP at 2.


      Here's my specs

      32 bit Windows 7

      Core 2 duo 3GHz

      4GB ram

      Nvidia 9600 GT video card



      This system has the same processor I had before under winxp so I have trouble believing that's the issue.  Also I have a laptop with Vista Home that that I put CS4 on and it plays vide back perfectly and it has a slower processor.

      Can anyone offer some suggestions to get my machine to play back the video in CS4?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          There have been problems with nVidia cards. Maybe the update to 4.1 will correct that. Using Windows 7 and the new video drivers may aggravate the problem.

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            rgshollow Level 1

            Actually I did try the update to 4.01 last night and still the same result.  Are Nvidia cards really the problem?  Unfortunatly I don't have anything but Nvidia cards to try right now. My last ATI card died a few weeks ago.

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              rgshollow Level 1

              Does anyone know if Adobe willl be addressing this issue in an update?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                There is an Adobe update in the works. It is/was scheduled for release in late May. We're pretty much into "late May," now and no sign of the update yet. This is a much-anticipated update, as there are several (many?) problems to address.


                Will nVidia be one of them? We do not know. Fairly recently, Adobe and nVidia forged a bit of a partnership to work together. Unfortunately at about that point things started to "go South," with regards to nVidia cards, their drivers and all thing Adobe. Why? No one who knows is talking. Will it imporve? Everyone with an nVidia card certainly hopes so.


                Using the Search function on this forum, plug in "nVidia," and do some reading. Much discussion on drivers and card models with Adobe. Maybe something of help in those articles and threads.


                Good luck, and X your fingers that the 4.1 update comes quickly, is perfect and addresses all issues with CS4, including nVidia ones.



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                  rgshollow Level 1

                  Thanks for the response. I'll check into those articles.  I wasn't aware of such a problem until now.  I'll definetly be keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks:)

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    While there was always an occasional driver issue, and not just with nVidia, up until CS4 these were minor and always seemed to be resolved with a new driver release. Then, about the time that nVidia and Adobe paired up (also about the time that CS4 was released), things got wonky. Not sure what the problems are, but all of a sudden there were tons of nVidia issues on the forum. Probably just coincidence with the teaming of the two companies, and would likely have happened anyway. Still, the timing is odd. Let's hope that the "team" gets it right.



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                      Andrey V Level 2

                      It is very hard to say why playback is bad. Firts of all windows 7 is not released yet and that means it is still have a lot of bugs. Second the drivers for your motherboard and video card may not be optimized for this version of windows. And last thing is the premiere CS4 definetlly not for windows 7, maybe CS5 will be.

                      With that saed I would not recomend to use win7 at all with any of the editing software yet. You will be better off installing  Vista 64bit and get more then 4gb of ram, update premiere to 4.01, and your problems will desapear. And one more thing fallow the recomendations for optimizing pc that were posted here somewhere.

                      good luck.