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    Partial visible hyperlink text in DataGrid Column move to left automatically




      I am facing an issue about showing hyperlink in Adavanced Data Grid column.


      Column will show text and if any url is found in that text, It show hyperlink for that. To show it as hyperlink, I have used

      TextEvent.LINK and added a linkHandler for it. For given text if we need to dispatch an event or not, is decided by adding "event:" before URL.


      Now the problem is, lets say the column data is "This is a link 'http://flex.org'. Click on it."

      But beacuse of small column width, user will see only - "This is a link 'h" (  I have adjusted the column widh like that )


      Now Here when use click on "h" which is the part of URL, It does open URL proper but text get adjusted ( or moved ) horrizontally towards left and now it shows "is a link 'http:// ". ( Now i can not see starting text "This" as it moved towards left. )


      Can anyone please let me know why this has happened and how to resolve it?


      Thanks in advanced.