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    How to defeat the shadow?

    Set Screen name

      I have an ObjectStyle, that has shadow in its properties. Now i need to switch off this option.

      I tried like this:


      myDoc.AllObjectStyles.Item("my").ContentEffectsEnablingSettings.EnableDropShadow = False

      myDoc.AllObjectStyles.Item("my").FillEffectsEnablingSettings.EnableDropShadow = False
      myDoc.AllObjectStyles.Item("my").ObjectEffectsEnablingSettings.EnableDropShadow = False
      myDoc.AllObjectStyles.Item("my").StrokeEffectsEnablingSettings.EnableDropShadow = False


      It didn't help.

      Then tried this (to directly kill some shadow settings):


      myDoc.AllObjectStyles.Item("my").ContentTransparencySettings.DropShadowSettings.XOffset = 0
      myDoc.AllObjectStyles.Item("my").ContentTransparencySettings.DropShadowSettings.YOffset = 0
      myDoc.AllObjectStyles.Item("my").ContentTransparencySettings.DropShadowSettings.Size = 0
      myDoc.AllObjectStyles.Item("my").ContentTransparencySettings.DropShadowSettings.Opacity = 0


      Also no effect. But in Objstyle properties the "check mark" appeared in grey color (means, as far as i guess, "partly activated").

      So, how to switch on/off this ... shadow?

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          Harbs. Level 6

          Try this:


          myStyle.transparencySettings.dropShadowSettings.mode = ShadowMode.NONE

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            Set Screen name Level 1

            This worked only on selected object and in this syntaxis:

            mInd.Selection.Item(1).TransparencySettings.DropShadowSettings.Mode = 1852796517 'shadow off

            mInd.Selection.Item(1).TransparencySettings.DropShadowSettings.Mode = 2020623440 'shadow on


            But in ObjStyles doesn't work. Moreover, after manual removing  shadow from object, which has objSt with shadow, this option "almoust" disappear from style properties.  This is smth....

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              Set Screen name Level 1

              Worked after this:

              myDoc.ObjectStyles.Item(i).ContentEffectsEnablingSettings.EnableDropShadow = True
              myDoc.ObjectStyles.Item(i).FillEffectsEnablingSettings.EnableDropShadow = True
              myDoc.ObjectStyles.Item(i).ObjectEffectsEnablingSettings.EnableDropShadow = True
              myDoc.ObjectStyles.Item(i).TransparencySettings.DropShadowSettings.Mode = 1852796517 'removing shadow from style options. ... Huh...


              Thanks for help.