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    Adding diffusion/light wrap


      Hi all,

              I'm working on a project that has an animated character set in a background. There is very strong lighting coming through the doorway behind the character (the character is silhouetted) and I want to add a subtle light wrap around the character so it looks like the light is just creeping round the edges.


      Any ideas how i might do this?




      - lewis

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Assuming your character is separate from your character:


          a) Duplicate the layer 2 times, I will call this Layer A (on top) and Layer B (below)


          b) Layer B: Effect --> Channel --> Invert, set to Alpha


          c) Layer B: Effect --> Channel --> Minimax or Effect --> Matte --> Simple Choker to expand


          d) Layer B: Effect --> Generate --> Fill


          e) Layer B: Effect --> Blur and sharpen --> Box Blur


          f) Use Layer A as a matte on Layer B


          g) Set Layer A to Add blending mode


          If you want to use complex background colors, another level of matting and nesting is required, where the result of the foreground would act as a matte on the background, then blurred. If you have CS3 or CS4, Photoshop Layer Styles (Inner Glow) are also available. of course any variation on the them is possible by throwing more effects into the pot or using different methods...



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            lewisdarby.com Level 1

            brilliant! thanks very much. Much appreciated


            - lewis