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    Does a high end graphic card really make a difference ? or is the CPU more important ?

    Powered by Design Level 4
      NVIDIA has the Quadro CX  (very expensive)
      They mainly talk about h264 encoding.
      Does it help as far as timeline editing ?
      Im shooting in HDV but final project is SD MPEG2 for DVD
      Or does a faster CPU work better.  Multiple Cores.
      Is it better to get a faster Quad Core Intel Core i7 Processor ?
      Intel® Core i7-940 Processor (2.93GHz) (Quad-Core)
      or a slower Processor speed but dual ?
      WS DUAL XEON E5504 2.0GHz, 8MB cache, 800 MHz, 4.8 GT/s QPI (Quad-Core)
      WS DUAL XEON E5520 2.26GHz, 8MB cache, 1066 MHz, 5.86 GT/s QPI (Quad-Core)  [+$385 ]
      What role is the graphics card really having.
      I have read some places that as long as you have a good card you don't have to waste money on the top end ones.
      Any thought would be helpful.
      Thanks:  Glenn