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    Remove previous versions of Reader greyed out in Adobe Customization Wizard 9

    richjones98 Level 1

      Hi everyone.  I'm trying to make an SMS pushable custom MSI with the Adobe Customization Wizard 9, to roll out Acrobat Reader 9 to all my PCs.  The big reason i wanted to use the ACW9 was so I could force it to uninstall all the old versions of Reader on my computers, which i have a lot of different versions of 7 and 8 out there.  When I go to  the screen in ACW9, the option to remove previous versions of Reader is greyed out and unchecked, and the rmeove previous versions of Acrobat is greyed out and checked (which is what i dont want to do).  Any ideas how to get this to work right?  I have both older versions of Reader and Acrobat Pro on my computer i'm using to build it, so it isn't that.