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    Downloading Trial Version Setup Failed




      I am trying to download the temporary trial version of Adobe Fireworks CS4 on my tiger Mac OSX and I have successfully downloaded the file.  It mounts onto my desktop and I click the file that comes off after I complete the download off of this link: 


      https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?loc=en&tt=P_US_FP2_FW_CS4_MN&product=firework s&promoid=121DJGSR_P_US_FP2_FW_CS4_MN


      The file then opens to a window with the Adobe fire works Icon with three PDF files underneath...I click the FW Icon - a new window opens...the bottom right icon is again the adobe Icon, but titled setup...I double click that...enter in my computers password....and now the problem is NOTHING HAPPENS AFTER I CLICK THE SETUP ICON.


      This is very important for my college credit, so I would appreciate the help