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    Simple Flashing/Blinking Text

    Michelle D.

      I'm a novice at this, so excuse me if this is really a simple (i.e stupid) question.  I am adding some updated information to a page and I want the text to flash or blink or have a moving border, similar to what is possible in Word.  But using the marquee and DHTML attributes, I can't seem to find what I want.  I don't want the text to move in from the right or left, slide in, etc.  I want the first word of the paragraph (NEW!) to blink or flash, so the rest of the paragraph can be read without the text moving.  Also, i want this to happen when the page loads, without a person having to mouse over the text, so GLOW is not a good option.

      Can someone help?  I'm using RoboHelp HTML 7.02.001.