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    MPG player in director shell -- are there problems?

    iamalex1 Level 1

      I am looking for info on using an mpg player in a director shell and if there are problems associated with it.


      Currently we are using an flv player that pulls movies from a server.  However the scroll bar on the player does not work, it locks up and once a movie finishes playing you cannot hit the play button to play again.  We have to reload the movie in order to replay.


      What I'd like to know is if anyone is using an mpg player in a director shell that is downloading movies from a server or cd/dvd and if the pause/stop and play buttons all work fine, if the scroll bar works fine and if when the movie finishes you can hit the play button again and it will restart.


      Or if there are problems using an mpg player also?


      Any help/comments would be helpful.


      Director we are usings is the one before the latest version and cs3 flash player.