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    Not sure where to begin but new to Flash

    absolutezero273c Level 1

      G'Day.  I'm hoping someone will be able to give me a little direction as this is the first time I have attempted to program/design in Flash.


      I am using CS4.


      I've been asked to modify our website and the flash components that go with it, by June 01. I can't locate the original programmer/developer who created it so I have taken on this project myself.   Unfortunately I though I was almost done and ran in to a little snag.


      To start, the flash was done some 6 years ago back in the days of Flash 6.  I was able to import 80% of the library/stage but for some strange reason the remaining 20% of the flash animation is not importing.  No error messages or blank symbols.  Its just not there.


      So I am trying to recreate it.  I have been able to modify all other aspects of the .swf to match our new look but now I have to recreate this portion and have no clue.  I've just started playing with the shape tween and other aspects but to no avail.


      I am trying to create the last few parts where, for lack of the proper terminology, the animation stops, the dashed line morphs into a square and the photos begin to populate the square.


      And to add further complexity to my problem the dashed line is animated to make it look like it is speeding by, and the morphing between this speeding dashed line and the square involves taking each of the dashes (squares) and combining them to create the one large(er) square.


      I have been searching for clues in google on how to accomplish this, or what it is called, but haven't been able to find anything.  I've also bought 5 flash books, including one on ActionScript 3.0 but can't quite find it.


      I know people are busy, but I'm a visual person and my description might not be that great, so if it will help here is the website: http://www.gjmltd.com


      The flash intro is the portion I am working on.


      I may just have to clip the last few frames and leave it at that.


      Thanks in advance for any clarification or direction.