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    CD Path Problem


      I have a relatively elementary problem that I'm hoping someone here will see right through.  I have a training program that brings in images, mp3s, and video as needed from folders (nothing embedded). It imports the images into an empty movieclip. Using a direct path like...




      works just fine for the web but (and this is the part that has me stumped) I have to change the [B]images[/B] path to...




      to work published to a CD in a projector. Inexplicably (to me anyway) the sound files and videos work just fine with their paths as above.  This project was made with Flash 8.  Now we have upgraded to CS4 and when I went back into this project to make a new CD the images fail.  Something has changed between versions as the code is the same on my old functional Flash 8 published CD and the new non-functional CS4 published CD. My boss wants me to find a way to make the code be universal across the web and CD but so far, I can't figure out a way to make the images show up now.  Searching the web for info was step one. Asking for help is step two.  Help?